Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebration Blush

Fresh silk scarves made their way through all the process and many were delivered to Artisans Hand or sent out to a wholesale buyer. I did post 2 small silks to (see sidebar) December is always a push to get more work out for buyers and sometimes this push charges my energy. My buyer wanted larger silk jacquards in reds and pinks and then light blue with black. Time was short, but it feels good to have answered the call and to have sent them off. I still have scarves to weave tomorrow morning and then another warp to put on but it is working toward an end. Yes!
The Christmas tree lies on the porch, a birthday gathering is in the works for the weekend, and a new studio option has presented itself for January. To be painting again will be a treat! Why do I like painting so much?
Blessings to you all who come upon these words. May your days have cheer and treats!

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