Sunday, December 13, 2009

B's Birthday and images from a week ago

It was only last Sunday, a week ago, when we constructed a rude shelter in Lowell on leaf filled land. Today it is snowing heavily on top of 8 inches of fallen snow. In Lowell it is way more--Bruce says thigh deep. Winter can make such vast transformations. So glad Twig came over today for B's birthday and brought his disk to give us the images of our December land day.
The lay of the land...this seamed compo by Twig...Jonah appears in 3 forms within the one pan. Great job, Twig...a very talented your man. We were treated to a visit by 2 year old Chloe and Sheena his partner. Jonah and Max joined us and made a fire in our backyard in spite of the heavy snow falling. Lovely to be with fire and snow fall...magic. We all enjoyed Gismo's best, brie, bread, and ginger squash soup, followed by a chocolate cake with cranberries and a fabulous chocolate whipped cream frosting. It's Ezra's favorite and his birthday is Wed....I want to stay in practice of the making of this cake so when he is in VT again, I can make one up for him. Turns out it is Twig's birthday on Tues, so we partied for him also. A precious day!
Bruce in tree light...67, prime number...he's in his prime for this year....also in his Linus blanket sweater, happy to get the promise of apple trees, new socks, and the chance to play with a 2 year old who was very curious and eager for interactions. Feeling blessed as this day comes to its end.

2 comments: said...

Yes numbers are prime or composite...and perhaps, so are people at different moments of life...Thank you for your images and comments...they tend to inspire

Maggie Neale said...

Ah, so important to embrace inspiration whenever one can. I am pleased that you are finding inspiration here. Thank you.