Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water flow and slide show

This painting is needing some more looking to determine where I enter it next. It helps to look at its image in different locations...what draws my eye...yikes! that flat white which I regessoed. Tomorrow I will work again on water flow and that lonely house on stilts,

Today, I rest. Yesterday we made our way to ART HOUSE plenty early stopping for some lovely Vermont products to share. The slide show got set up and enough viewers came to fill all the chairs! The first image came on the much color and I started talking....84 images, I talked for the hour requested and got some wonderfully position reviews. It was fun! Fun also to see the images shown so large on the wall. yes! I have loaded the slide show to the Events page on my new website if anyone wants to check it out. Yes, I will try to load it on here also. We visited, over nighted, and toured VT on the way I rest.


Altoon Sultan said...

Your slide show is a wonderful display of the interaction between your art forms and your inspiration. The shots of nature, the silks, the paintings, all converse with each other in a rich language. Nicely done!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks, Altoon, praise from you is an honor!