Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying to Find Truth

Trying to Find Truth
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Painting has been a slow move from my studio at Camp back to the crowded house, but what joy to be painting again! canvas stretched over record album box...really! I began this piece when I was painting improv to Michael Arnowitt's piano improv live with audience. i needed a lot of canvases prepared so the idea of working on record albums came to me in an inspired moment. Our Restore sells such items for a very low price. I'll put this piece in SPA's holiday show, our local community art that it feels more finished.

I've been creating a new website for my trying to put my name out there and I have just made a slide show for the presentation I'm doing at Art House, new gallery in Craftsbury, tomorrow night. Yikes! Tomorrow night! What about my hair? I have been so couch bound I haven't been thinking of appearances, but I can negotiate on this boot well enough that I need to make the appearances I have scheduled. Yes, that means clerking at Artisans Hand this afternoon. Back to the busy life...if only I could drive myself!

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The Artist Within Us said...

What a busy schedule and what courage to be painting with an audience. Congratulations on this and the creation of your own website.

Enjoy the weekend