Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trip Homeward

Leaving Norwalk, Ohio, we made our way eastward for 9 hours with the plan to meet up with my sister of Tucson who was in Albany for work. She had the suggestion of Hotel Indigo and what a great idea....freshly remodeled with lovely beds which Martha made her way to immediately and posed, but when I went in for a portrait she gave me the eye. Oh, Martha! Birthday celebration for the sister and she loved the scarf and the buckeyes brought special from Ohio and Bruce's book.

Then how we feasted at Blue Note...must return sometime!

Today we wandered a bit in beautiful sunshine to Manchester where we picked up a box of books--For Love of Yurts and made it back before dark. These days are short for driving in the light but the light is quite spectacular. A successful trip, many seen, much accomplished, and gratitude for my family. A happy Thanksgiving.


The Artist Within Us said...

Thank you for sharing your little adventure with us and I love the accompaniment of the photographs.


Jeane Myers said...

wow Maggie, you covered alot of ground - the hotel looks wonderful - a very happy thanksgiving to you and yours :)

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Egmont and Jeane for writing. It's fun to share with you. I'm back to stocking galleries for the holiday gifting rush..being hopeful...yes, and thankful, too!