Monday, November 2, 2009

Transforming Chiffon Square

November dying pause...some because of the broken ankle, some because the weather doesn't work for drying silks. I still have my table on the back deck and when the sun was out today, I was tempted, but I know they won't dry.....Sunday I spent some hobble time on the back deck taking photos of some freshly ironed work. I love painting the big 45x45's like making a large painting--watercolor, as the dye flows into the fibers and expands. A whole story can be told in a big square and in wearing, they are so transforming. So many ways to wear a big square and depending on how it is folded and drapped, different colors stand out. Sometimes it is hard to know how best to represent a scarf in an image as it can change so. I am preparing to place this one on to hopefully find its new friend. These make very nice wall art also, but I don't even have the wall to make the photo fo it spread to its maximum at 45".


Jeane Myers said...

mmm, so your dying is for the hot/warm months - and I see your dilema about how to present a scarf - I these photos did the trick :)

Angel Ray said...

It's just gorgeous! I can't believe this is a sheer silk, it looks like a real, textured abstract painting - great work!