Thursday, November 19, 2009

Headed to Mama's

Mama is waiting for our visit. We are in Erie, PA looking out at heavy clouds, raindrops like different than the bright clear skies of yesterday. Bruce is dealing with his website and book travels with us when work is virtual. According to my brother, mama was disappointed that we didn't come yesterday. I called her at lunchtime and told her this morning we would come...her mind has so many holes where most of the facts fall through and she is left with untethered emotions. Fortunately for us she is mostly happy and positive. But there are difficulties with her roommate and Mama is being nasty to her and lashing out. Can the pumpkin pie I am bringing be a peace offering as we all sit together? This is another place of exploration and experimentation. I am grateful that I have been practicing experimentation my whole life. I have art supplies with me onward into the day. Blessings to you all!

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The Artist Within Us said...

I have reached an age when I contemplate what my years might be like a decade from now, though I do live for the moment, I still cannot help thinking about it.

Enjoy the visit and that pie may just be the peacemaker,