Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Tree

Family Tree
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Just picked up this has been hanging at the Barre Opera House since I painted it in 2007. Good to have it with me again. I have missed it and the image in my mind was shifting. This painting feels like my personal story more than some happened quite instinctually, without thought....which is always a gift to have a painting form under your hands without commanding it...30x30


Jeane Myers said...

my favorite kind of painting - one that waits until the right time to appear in our lives and continues to give - it's wonderful and I really enjoyed the video below :)

San said...

A painting that "forms under your hands without commanding it." Yes, that's why we go back into the studio and sometimes perform sheer drudgery. It is for remarkable gifts like "Family Tree" that sometimes come to us.

Thank you for this meaningful post, Maggie.

Maggie Neale said...

Jeane and San, always lovely to hear from you both. Glad you understand about a painting that is born full of itself and gifts us.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

A painting born from the spirit is indeed special and should be cherished.

Others may not understand the painting and it does not matter, as long as you know its purpose.

Warmest regards,

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I can so relate to your feeling of joy to see the painting a dear one. Yes, to those magical times when art making just happens!