Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blood Red and Healing

So, here I sit healing. This break has allowed me to find couch time, the pause which is needed in a busy day. I hope i can keep remembering how important the down time is. If I could type better, would I write more? probably. i do enjoy writing, letting words flow like paint does, but my fingers are not at ease with typing and the mistakes made are far more!

I am tired...Just this morning, I got a request for scarves for the holiday...reds and greens and silver...oh my! Could I rise to this request before Thanksgiving and still get to Ohio to visit my mother, brother, his ailing wife, and then get to Albany, NY to meet up with my sister while she visits from Tucson for a bit of birthday celebration...for Martha, not me. Oh my!

So, I put my oil/wax scratchings aside and gave them a new smaller crowded home, so i could unearth the paint table. Alas! The cover cloth was already in the red family and I could pin new blanks directly onto the surface. I mixed dye and it was deep blood red and deeper still into burgundy, I swished some claret in dye form for an uplifting giggle, found some aged black and other misfits from weeks ago. I hadn't painted since Sept and not on this inside table since June.

Now I have come back to it, break over-- for some hours in the day--, boot still on, but I've found a shoe which pairs with it well enough to move without total mindfulness. When i paint I want my mind not in my feet and silk dying takes a lot of movement. Maybe I am more conscience of this than I have been before...or on another level. I am trying to learn from the break and move on to do the work I am called to do.

Somehow writing this blog seems like one of those things I am called to do. I used to do a this a form of a journal?

Okay, I give up...can't seem to add an image, so no image today, only those made by the words.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I was right there with you on applying the reds and the black...takes time to find ones groove in art making...first one with more to follow.
Your calendar is plenty crowded but it all sounds good...just a matter of gaining the energy.
I'm glad to know this blog business is a call you are answering...I feel in a similar way. I am not usually such a sharing person but the blog seems to bring out (as in a journal) a kind of sharing that feeds me. We just need to keep going! ha

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks May Ann, for your comments, your encouragement and support. Works for me. Just saw Beau Soleil in concert,,,Cajun music.warmed me up.