Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking a look at myself

Ah ha! Faced with contemplation time as I lay on the couch or wander a very small home space which includes this computer. Just a few days ago I was envisioning renting an old mill for artist studio space out in E Calais about 20 minutes away from my home here off RT 2. I saw myself painting silks there...large silk hangings with space to hang them for display...working with water as the sound of the flow over the dam entered all my pours. I felt myself flowing in the near future...if I could only get one more artist to rent one of the front rooms...I'd do it! Exciting to think of being in large spaces, the movement could get bigger, my soul expanding with the energy of bigger spaces...oh...oh! That was Thurs late afternoon after dropping off a foliage grouping of silk scarves to Blinking Light Gallery. Friday morning I was reminded of the pain in my ankle, the hot sensation, the dull ache which could change its tone and pull me in. Something was still wrong with the turned ankle of Sat morn when I did too much...asking more of myself than was to be. Oh, that turned ankle is declared, by x-ray, fractured in a vulnerable spot, splinted, and I cast out to fend for myself...a change of life.

So I now live in my living room...haven't spent so much time there before and I am noticing some things which could be changed. My son and his friend came over. Dennis fashioned me a paintbrush on a 5 foot noodle and said all I needed now was a big canvas and I could paint from the couch...hmmmm...what art will I be making as I live within a small space confined by my walking limitations. And to think I wrote about wanting to start making sketches...I'm a creative person. certainly I must be able to make some art during this time that eases my stress....hmmm. yes, I must also rest, keep my leg elevated which it isn't now, figure out ice compress, and what's the other e, ah! "entertainment." That's where art fits in for me. I also have to learn how to ask others for help...something I have never really practiced successfully. I will indeed be looking at myself in this time of change and healing.

This photo was taken in art museum of Phoenix, AZ...loved walking through that mirroring tunnel...reminds me of that free walking I used to do and will be doing again!


Unknown said...

Hope you get well soon Maggie. Maybe you should be relaxing with a good book for a short time. Much love to you, my friend.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks, Zappha...I have been relaxing with a good book and an assortment of magazine...something I rarely do, but it's that creative drive which feeds me.