Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orange Chenille

Finally getting some photos on computer for potential I spent much of the day in the gallery at Camp with open sign out, but few visitors. It was very cold without any heat turned on yet, but I wove...wove off the old warp, wound on a new one so very orange, the very colors I seem to exclaim over as we drive through the foliage change. I love winding the warp, choosing the colors to play together, to make the conversation of color mood I want to express. I use more colors in blending than most chenille weavers, because I have such a deep color love, but I cause myself some grief also as the threads tangle in their groupings and I am forever moving the tangles back as I weave forward. Bruce said, as he watched me today threading the loom, "There is so much more to weaving than anyone might imagine." It is a whole effort, but to combine threads like paint in subtle hues and then to pass the shuttle row by row and watch the inches grow into a scarf...there is some magic in it still for me even after more than 35 years of weaving....and folks still crave these chenille scarves so I continue to let them come through me as the days get cooler and the need for warmth is so present.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This weaving is so beautiful and captures the season. I've always seen a patience and wisdom in ancient and modern art.

Angel Ray said...

Gorgeous hues - beautiful work!