Saturday, October 31, 2009

Divided Night

Collage and paint--some brightness in this Divided Night
My "mother duty' kicked in during the night. It was planned and the alarm went off to awaken us at 3 so we could get Jonah, second son, off to the airport for the early morning flight out. I am grateful that Bruce is supportive of me in this time of no driving and he willingly takes the driver's seat. It's hard for me to ask him and I try to limit my driving needs, but to get Jonah to the airport was duty and one I rather enjoyed as I kept the conversation going. Jonah was out dancing the night before, so he could talk of his halloween costume...he went as Creativity. He made everyone guess and all the answers were creative so he says they were all right. What a guy! My son. He is headed off to Mexico City as part of the Workers' Union, a nationwide group meeting internationally with Mexican Union FAT ( not said as fat). He was selected for his people skills and his ease in now he is going to Mexico just when the government has taken over the factories, and the workers are out of work. yes, in response to my question...the electric company union is loosely part of FAT. Oh, Jonah are you headed into trouble? The mother worries. Just got Ezra out of Chiapas back to Cameroon and now Jonah heads into workers battle where the military is called out in great numbers and the heads are hot. Sigh! What's a mother to do? I went back to bed at 5:50, snuggling with the driver, and slept rather fitfully.....he still sleeps, I have put on my black tights bedecked with candy corn and my witch's vestments...gotta shake off the spirits trying to haunt me and make this another glorious day!

My new website is up and Bruce has copies of his yurt book For Love of Yurts with his new site up. We have hope. Check them out and help us spread the word.

Happy Halloween all!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Happy Halloween festive...candy corn stockings!
This "Divided Night" is a strong piece...soft pastel?
Valid concerns about your sons trip...keep up posted.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

If it were not Saturday morning and a list of things to be done from housework, laundry and gardening, I certainly would stay longer.

However I promise to return later this evening and carefully read what you have written but most important of all, I shall then correct a grievous error by making it right and adding myself as a follower.

Until then, enjoy the day

Maggie Neale said...

Hey Mary Ann and Edgar, so glad to feel your visit here. Oil pastel, Mary Ann, on black mat board done while I had a studio in a small shed in the desert while visiting a friend, March 2008. I have recently found that lovely piece rather disheveled from being paper rather than something more substantial. Alas...process is what matters, right? Joking on one level, but...

Edgar, I have so enjoyed your postings, which feels like I was lead to you, but then you led me to Sophie and we all have words to say that might fall upon listening ears. How lovely! Thanks for recognizing me.