Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, so it turns out that my turned ankle turned into a broken ankle today at the doctor' splinted, but next week a cast...this splint seems like a cast to me and to think I was walking around on it for days. yes, it hurt, but I had things to do and now my thing to do is to learn how to get around on crutches...that is a that is great! Made it out to computer, but chilly out here with my toes exposed, so I won't stay long. Finished reading a very good book called Nature Journals, written by a man who spoke in 3 woman's voices as they wrote about Stowe and Mount Man's Field and the ski resort and communication towers on the tallest peak of Vermont. Nature and how to stop the destruction of nature...environmental but also exploding what has been built...yes, one man worked his way into the 3 women's lives. Held my interest, now what? No weaving. I did put a kybosh on that...and to think they were selling so well even on the very day I brought them into the gallery...well, enough complaining. I had to get it said. it a crutch or a harp...whatever, on fire. painted this during our improv with Michael's piano improv a couple of months ago.

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Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, wishing you a speedy recovery, and may some hidden good come of it.