Friday, September 4, 2009

The Red tent

The yurt has been progressing for the last 2 months. A new covering was needed to pull it together for the final photos for the yurt book Bruce is writing. He purchased a roll of fabric at the local Restore at $1 a yard, but who wanted to roll it out and measure, so a small price was agreed upon. When Bruce got to the Camp he began unrolling the roll of red and it went on and on. Such a length! Such a bargain! It was more than enough for the skirt. Could a cap really be designed and made? I said I would sew it and began a drawing of the layout of the gores, a giant gored shirt with each gore measuring 8' on the sides, 15" on top and 60" on bottom. What a sewing job. it took me several pieces before the machine was in total compliance with the task of flat feld seams, 11 gores, banded on both ends. But how well it fit. How Mongolian it seemed even with that redness! And the glow inside is glorious. A palace of a healing space. Hurrah for us to pull it off just in time for our gathering this Sunday. Yes, that deadline thing again. Hopefully we will have tucked the blue petticoat up under the red dress before the photo shoot. For more about the


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

There it is....a red yurt!! Amazing how you sewed the gores. It must be completely different inside...light different, energy different. Enjoy your Sunday.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mart Ann. Fabulous inside. Lit by candles last night at the altar, glowing. We slept there last night rolled out in bags, still can do it, but down to 41, so nippy.

Maggie Neale said...
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