Friday, September 25, 2009

My boys play

My boys have come together again and they play as they always have. There is competition but good natured, teasing but with love, and gentle caring. Jonah the younger at 30 works in town here, but is so busy, I see him little. He works in customer service at the Hunger Mountain Coop and is president of the union which means he is always in some meeting with employees trying to settle disputes and keep everyone on an even keel. He takes it seriously and has been elected to a national Workers Union thing which takes him out of town once a month to month he will go to Mexico as representative of unions. His brother Ezra, 32, returned from Cameroon, Africa for a 4 day visit here in Vermont. We packed a lot into this visit. We lunched with his oldest college friend visiting from Idaho with his wife visiting other friends in Burlington...wonderful new baby to hold. A gathering of "family" at Camp with very disorganized cookout and large fire on the coldest night yet, dark of moon and so starfilled sky, but why hadn't I at least bought tiki torches? Ezra spoke of his travels and job in Cameroon working with reforestation and his girlfriend sadly still in Cameroon and his trip to Chiapas coming up working with other experts on forest growth and climate change. Jonah entertained and enthralled us with his poetry. Such a proud mama I can be!

More days of feasting. Ezra taught me the fine art of sushi making with some fabulous tuna just right for the job...oh, and that striped bass! We did get a leaf changing ride into the north country to walk the land just purchased by Bruce for the yurt. Ezra was thrilled with all the tree species available in that 7 acres woods...I found an old apple which pleased me! All a joy, having Ezra with us and we made the most of it. Jonah could join us for the last night when I grabbed the funny shot of them together just after a late dinner, before they moved in the recycled dresser for me and got out the monstrosity! Then the card game....we all played and enjoyed being together. We will indeed make time to be together again.


Marybeth Blakeney said...

So lovely a vignette--made me laugh while feeling just a bit wistful. Would have loved to share in Ezra's visit but knew it was so brief I wanted you to succor every sweet drop.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh, Marybeth, so nice to get your comment. It was a fast paced 4 days, but we all would have loved to have seen you. he called me just a few days before he landed here, so didn't give much time for planning.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I have two boys so I was with you in all the joy of seeing both boys hold their memories and now join them as adults...what a heart warming connection...thank you for sharing!