Monday, September 14, 2009

Abstract silk jacquard

I am working toward posting on Today I ironed again and worked out a form to hold the scarves. The sun was in and out ---unsteady lighting effects. I was out on the back favorite place to be. There is not enough light in this home and the walls are not large, white, and bare for background so I go to my favorite background of the shed I a creature of habit or do I really have so little choice? The green of the growing yard doesn't suit my needs. I love the sky as background, but my yard is in a bowl, a dip, and the sky doesn't fall easily into camera angle. I have been making a bit of study of esty and how others go about it...also most silks are small in size and I am so fond of the larger silks that I think I will begin with them. This one is silk jacquard and chiffon stripe with a hint of gold woven in. Lovely blank which seems to handle an abstract coloration. It is 18x80, generous and transforming, and the colors shift in presentation and with whatever it accompanies...ah, trying to work up the wording. There are so many aspects to making and selling art!

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