Friday, August 7, 2009

Magic Carpet Ride

Making a painting is like taking a magic carpet ride into internal spaces and coming up for air. Sometimes a painting ride takes many trips before it comes to a finish. I feel like I am searching with this one adding painting and fabric at different times, making textures, one over another. The dotted fabric intrigued me and wanted to join the painting...the yellow acrylic was painted on when I was wanted to find courage, but it frightened me in its acidity. I find I am sensitive to here I sit inside waiting for scarves to dry on the back deck and as I am writing, I hear something...what! Rain, out of the blue, and my silk scarves all have gathered raindrops. What a dilemma to try to paint under the skies with the pure light of the sun and finds that my watercolors are diluted by a greater water! They are covered now, the sun shines again and I will uncover and inspect the specks. I think perhaps this blog is about trying to put in words some of what my art and process is about...a dialogue I can return to in the attempt to understand...what?...myself!

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Altoon Sultan said...

A wonderful description of process.