Friday, August 14, 2009

Heat, dye spread and tangles

So warm today, that I must escape into the cool of the house while the silks dry, which doesn't take long in this heat. But I'm not complaining...there are so few truly hot days here in these north lands and I do love working in the sun and breeze of summer days that I am working rather than swimming which is having a pull on me also. My last silk is drying, the sun will be leaving my north faced hill and I will consider again the chance to swim, but I need to get the dried silk off the table top before I venture out. My hues are pale and neutral in this last batch reflecting colors of natural hemps and new sheared wool, the colors from goldenrod and other natural plants when the dye from them is made. My dyes are french heat activated dyes and resistant to fade when processed through steaming. tested by time, but painting with them is my own freedom. When painting over plastic, there is much uncontrolled branching. Now my undercloth is textured and that is showing on the silk work. I like the exchange I can make with my materials and with chance.
I haven't been oil painting much...not enough, but I have also been reminded by other artists that it is summer and not the best time for resolution with paintings. This painting however came clear and I had to laugh when I was given the the name "Put Your Tangles in One Basket" Who gave me that name? yes, it was whispered in my ear while I was finishing the painting and I haven't yet discovered the namer...perhaps my grandmother was hovering...she might have been. Oh, my! is the heat getting to me in here also? I think I just have time for a dip in the river before I take my addition to the refreshments for a 1930's workman's lunch. I made up some boiled new potatoes, carrot sticks, and tea from the flowers in my garden...might have to be a special workman to appreciate my lunch, but I am fond of special working people.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The colors are beautiful on your silk piece. As I read, I am picking up on process.
Summer heat and swimming...does it get better? I am a floater in the pool...I envy your river swim.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Blue Sky, it was blue sky here in VT and indeed a river lovely. After work I was too hot for anything but that swim.

Altoon Sultan said...

I love the description of working in the rare heat of northern Vermont. Beautiful subtle color in both silk and painting; you use the rich texture of oil paint to add another element to color.