Thursday, July 9, 2009

silk scarves even for summer

There was once a sunny day and I celebrated by painting silk scarves on the back deck trying to capture the light and the flow of the air. Alas, I had my heart set on a sunny day today for another glorious painting time before my clerking slot this afternoon, but I am sitting at the computer waiting still--and thus, this posting. The wedding I attended this past weekend featured a lot of scarves and shawls. It was chilly when the sun wasn't out and the dresses were bare at neck and arms. In my imagination I dressed the women in my silks to correspond with their outfits. Of course, I was also deconstructing all the dresses my mind. What a busy mind I have working for me. Anyway, these scarves are available for purchase at Artisans Hand or through me. Please let me know which one would be your favorite. They sell for $38 to $70 depending on size, make great gifts and are easy to send.


M.A. Wakeley said...

I love scarves and especially extra long ones that i can wrap around a few times. If you ever do them really long (I am talking like five feet), I will be first in line!! These are beautiful, Maggie and I can only imagine were thoroughly a pleasure to make.

Mary Ann

Maggie Neale said...

hey Mary Ann, thanks for your interest. I love long scarves, too...many are 72", 80", even 90" with width of 12, 15, 18 and 22.
June Paj is 22x72. Differing silk weaves. What color blends are you looking for?

M.A. Wakeley said...

Hi Maggie. Finally I am here to respond! My son left for college this past weekend and I have been adjusting, pleasantly so, to having the entire house to myself :-)

I don't have a specific color blend in mind. I wear stronger colors better than light ones, like deep reds or deep blues. I am glad to know you make them nice and long.

Maggie Neale said...

hey Mary Ann, thanks for the message. I'm doing the summer thing of lighter, but I love my deep reds and blues which will be coming up soon. The pile lying to my right waiting to be ironed is all the blue skies I have been calling to come to VT. Congrats on house to yourself!