Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shifted intentions

Writing on the Wall
When the image I was looking for didn't come easily in my search, my intentions for this post had to shift. This piece grabbed my attention and jumped to the upload position. This dyptic is not finished...rather raw as it awaits the next stroke, but rains keep coming. I have these 2 panels of linen, about 20" wide stapled onto a wood panel at the back of the painting cabin. With no electricity in a small windowed cabin, the light is less than desired, so I find myself wandering outside looking for the place to paint. As the pine rains needles upon me, I paint at its feet wondering how many needles will fix themselves upon my work. It is an old pine tree, very tall, towering, stately, but with an incredible shed this past week. The weather itself has been unsettled, my spirit has leaps and bounds, and then does somersaults sometimes without the proper landing. I am finding my spirit as I paint in this new home for painting and the paintings are rougher, more immediate, as the energy of this space seems to demand. The surfaces I am finding to use are irregular, rough and what comes to hand. Yesterday there was a large neighborhood yard sale and the prices were very good for someone with little cash available and then the items were left for free pickings. Several items challenged me to rejuvenate them and I challenged several other artists to make their own stab at a redo. A show is beginning to be born...artists working together can make things happen. More on this later.

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