Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painting silks and getting ready for Open Studio

The weather has changed to summer just over night! Today was a magic day for dye drying with sun and breezes and I am trying to get ready for Open Studio this coming weekend. Can it really be tomorrowthat I must set up? Yikes! I'll be demonstrating and displaying at Wood Art Gallery with 6 others and also have my cabin out at Camp Meade (Middlesex) open for viewers. Cheryl Dick will watch over it some and Bruce will be on site until I get there by 3, hoping to bring others from town. On Sunday I'll start out at Cabin studio and travel back into town for the afternoon there. Crazy to have 2 places but when I signed up for Wood, I didn't have a studio. Is this a double bind or is that meant to describe something else? Life can get so busy when Vermont opens up for the season with the flowers and all the activities put off collide. I have missed the writing time, but the garden is growing. I have missed painting with oils, but the silk work is exciting and seems to be selling well in the few galleries I have left. I can hardly keep up with the demands and I really ought to be making more clothing because a fashion show is coming up on June 6 and I must dress 4 models. I also want to write about the work I have been doing in preparation for the improv session with Michael Arnowitt, improvising on piano, as 3 painters paint. Also exciting. Next entry coming soon I hope.

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