Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paintings from the Past

Well, the time has come for paintings to be coming back to me.  With the lightening of my Mama's mind and life, she has shucked off some of the all the paintings I have left upon her walls for many years.  The first two paintings (30x36 & 22x32)  are from the red series in college and the trees (24x32) followed shortly after college...all before children...all from what I saw before me, not from photos.  I remember the day I painted my sister standing in the hallway of the football stadium just before the whole place was knocked down.  We senior painters were given our own studio and my how I thrived having my own place to paint.  How I wish for a place to paint now and the time!  I have been helping to settle Mama in her next chapter of her life which also means to clear out her home from the past chapter.  If only I still lived within her state still, but no, I am 683 miles away and that's a long drive with car bearing the items I just can't let myself part with.  Oh, some day I will be lightening my burdens also.  I am trying to take lessons.  But for now, what do I do with paintings that have stood up to time well, but are almost 40 years old?


Cattail Farm said...

Thought-bestow these to your boys to cherish and preserve for generations to come--these are the peeks into the mind and heart of you that will illustrate your life story forward.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh, Marybeth, lovely thought, but neither son has a real home yet and I fear they would be lost in the shuffling. That's one reason they were with my mother....she didn't trust my shuffling.

janetvanfleet said...

How great to see your early work, Maggie. I've seen your development for the last 15 years, but this goes WAY back, and that is wonderful!