Monday, March 16, 2009

Meeting artist Nick Georgiou

Open studios in Tucson this weekend. Finding our way through an alley studio Ron Nelson has been working on for the past 35 years was fascinating to us all. So much of this man's heart and thought and process was exposed to us. We were awed. Yet the finding of Nick Georgiou--
was the high light of the afternoon. As i entered his upstairs studio in a high ceilinged space taken over by artists..the Citizen Art Studios---I felt the presence of Peter Schumann in the faces created. when i got closer to them i wondered at the texture created, all from newspapers, the news of the day. the horror of the news of the day and i saw that horror in the eyes of his faces. We were fortunate to be the sole beings in Nick's space and to look into his eyes and speak through our eyes about the world troubles, to learn that he is a NYC artists who will son be showing at U of A gallery and that he has a month to make some new work in this artists space. Nick's family is from the occupied half of Cypress, an island that i visited 8 years ago and stayed with a family who have an orchard which has one side in Cypress and the other side beyond the dividing fence with military patrol tower. A guard watched our every move as we picked the citrus fruit and heard the story. All this came back to me as i stood witnessing Nick's art and sharing stories ourselves. Circles and many in this traveling.

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