Monday, February 23, 2009

Celebration of Lucinda Mason

Time or lack of it has forced me into duties.  Lucinda Mason, who died too early in this life--just 2 years ago, will be having an exhibit at Vermont Supreme Court in March.  I set this up months ago and now it is almost upon us.  I must get the postcard made-- like yesterday...but it was only today that Justice Marilyn Skoglund and I set the date for the opening reception..Thursday, March 26, 5-7 and I made the hanging arrangements with Tracy. So much to do to get a show up and this one has to be really special.  Ticona, mother to Lucinda, is a dear friend of mine, and this exhibit is very important to her.  The paintings are big and exquisite.  They need to be seen again and again and celebrated.  Lucinda's spirit lives on in these paintings and it is our duty to keep that lovely spirit dancing!

I'll be speaking more on this exhibit later.
Found Lucinda typeface to print this keep in the mode...

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