Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Some of my work in January is to recover from the past year. I find I sort and sieve through my piles and paintings. Some of the paintings recover from the past by donning a new layer...a recovering, a recovery, perhaps, to something healed and secure. I've also been doing some journaling as part of this process of recovery. In my processing, I realized that for a moment last August, I let go of being careful, and, with rain-washed feet, I fell on entering my kitchen door and broke my arm. The arm recovered but my soul/spirit is still in recovery and it is in this January down time-semi-hibernation that I can get to that realization. I am working on my recovery as I sort, sieve, and recover the work of last year. This piece was painted for the red show at SPA and now it is becoming part of my thinking for the Green show which will be hung the end of April. For more information on this and to apply please check the website for SPA.

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