Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oaxaca Times

well, with so few new comments, I haven't been inspired to post here. Having too much fun posting to Flickr and getting some real responses for my work from artists around the world...guess I am looking for response. Isn't that why an artist puts her work out? This is a trip into photoshop with an image from Oaxaca Mexico. What do you think?

The cold seems to be letting up some and I could enjoy a walk in all the whiteness. My eye was intrigued by the tracks which crossed our path...tracks of all sizes and patterns left in the snow. The world was more active in the whiteness than I had been imagining. Feel energized from the walk. Now to approach my new paintings begun these past days. Red was my color yesterday, but Green is the color for the show at SPA I am curating in April "Show Us the Green" environmental, economy, abstract, jealousy, or even golf. Looking for some variety. Looking for some new adventurers in the art of Barre's SPA...More on this later.


janetvanfleet said...

Gee, Maggie, I went to your Flicker postings and read the comments and I have to say, all comments are not created equal. Personally, I am not sure why artists put stuff out into the world, but for me it's not for the purpose of getting five-word comments like "cool abstract art you're doing." At least for myself, I'm more interested in something more substantive and thoughtful, both from the poster and from the commenter. I am finding that, at least as far as many comments I see on blogs are concerned, the online chatter is a mile wide and an inch deep. I think the purpose of a blog is more about the person doing the blogging and what he/she is getting out of it, in terms of his/her own intellectual, writing, and creative development. Perhaps I'm saying it's more about the value of what you're putting out, rather than what you're getting back? And that is something that's in your own hands and that you both provide value for, and extract value from!

Maggie Neale said...

Oh Janet, it's good to hear from you! You do have depth to your perspective and to your blogging. I am more driven by the desire to know I am reaching people. I am very intrigued to be looking at the work of Japanese artist and his daily abstracts and knowing that he is enjoying seeing what I am doing, or the encouragement of Bill, traveler with a great eye and his encouragement. That's where I am finding inspiration and inspiration is what I am looking for.