Monday, January 12, 2009

Hubcap art

These days I am inspecting, considering, and living with my hubcap, sent to me from PA as part of an international project. The raw hubcap is a thing of beauty to me, so it is taking some time to figure out my artistic contribution. This request came to me directly following the ornament publicity and really takes a similar avenue for art making, though fortunately for me, this does not have the difficult stipulation of being "red, white, and blue". Ken who heads this project is looking for other artists to contribute. Check out his website at to find out more and speak to him of your interest. Janet's hubcap is equally intriguing and I'm sure she will be posting it when finished on her blog.


janetvanfleet said...

Maybe we should put out two hubcaps together and make a big bra!

janetvanfleet said...

That was supposed to be "our" two hubcaps!

Maggie Neale said...

Ah, breast plates....I bet ken would send another to you if you proposed such to him. I think I am going for recovering on mine. What can cover the beauty and still let it shine out to increase the beauty, a graceful recovery.