Sunday, December 14, 2008

silk scarves and hanging

Because of a request for another hanging from a customer of several years ago, I have been taking photos. So many pieces to keep a business active. Suspense 32x35---to become a hanging, it will need the "right" wooden "rod" --of natural essence. The scarf is 13x60, jacquard striped, certain to warm and cheer many outfits of loden, olive, greys, and those more subtle combinations from the natural world. About $50.

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Eva said...

Hey Maggie,

Thanks for visiting my blog. My new studio is a room on the third floor of the house nextdoor to me. A couple of friends who I've known since college live there and had the extra space to spare. Slowly I'm getting used to having a dedicated space for art making. I hope those paintings that are churning in you get to come out soon! All the best, Eva