Saturday, December 6, 2008

More ornament thoughts

Making the Vermont ornament for the White House tree seemed like a ball landing in my lap and I held it rather than throwing it on. It was not tossed to me as great honor, but more as a weigh which needed to get lifted from the list. Because of a busy schedule and a broken arm which unbalanced my whole self, I put the thought of the ornament request aside until more than the last minute and time constrains put the ornament at the top of the list...I moved aside my silk dyeing business and got out my paints and tissues, and polymer medium. I exercised my creativity on many scarf boxes which freed up my creative energies...then I tore out words and phrases from Vermont Life and Time including "Desperate times call for desperate measures." Raising the laughter breaks the tension of a one-off project, and gluing these words on the shiny silver surface of this large 7" ball initated the process of imbedding words colors torn form publications then tissues to blend and deepening the layerings. This was beginning to be fun. When I could see the word Vermont in curcive circumventing the orb as the Green Mountains, I was delighted. So many emotions can be called up through an art making project, but then to sign off on this art making it a property of the US Governemnt is a bit now the Government now owns over 300 ornaments and the same from last year...Where will they all go when the tree is dismantled and the Bush's leave the White House? Always another question and art making goes on.

Here's the site for more ornament viewing


janetvanfleet said...

I like these multiple postings, each with a new gem (or two). Many different tastes -- makes us look forward to the next goodies! Also, I like giving the size and price. That is smart.

Maggie Neale said...

This is a whole new learning game...I do like a challenge.